No Strings Attached

By Jae Vitug World of Thoughts ©


“You’ve always been this cheerful, happy, independent person that comes off to society as someone who doesn’t need anyone. But sometimes, those people whose always there for everyone are the ones in need the most of company.”

Lonely, but would rather go out there and escape things. Incomplete, but choosing to be held by a different set of arms with each time you go on a casual hook up. Miserable, but would somewhat just smile it all off.

You would rather be alone than enter the world of the unknown, being, relationships. You say you don’t want anything to do with it, but really, you’re in a constant hunt for it, but just won’t acknowledge it.

And being it as the inevitable, from the moment you’d find a shoulder to lean on, you’d jump at it quite instantly. You go on, until without noticing you’ll want more from him. You’ll want more than his friendship even though you promised you don’t want him. You’ll want him to be yours and that will blind you from reality.

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Because You Don’t Respond To My Messages: This Is What I Have To Say

By Ari EastmanThought Catalog ©

The first time we had sex, you choked me and it caught me so off guard. It actually kind of scared me, to be honest.

Maybe this whole time I’ve been having pretty vanilla sex. I thought I was so sexual and adventurous, passion is a guiding element in how I live, so it would make sense that it would cross over into my sexuality.

But our sex was new. It was intense and different.

You asked questions. You made observations. I learned things about myself I didn’t even realize. I almost never had sex on top before.

Like… Ever.

We joked about it, but being told I was the loudest girl you’d ever been with did first embarrass me. But then it empowered me. Yeah, I am loud. I am passionate. We’d fuck three times and I’d go home and sleep in my bed, it was goddamn great.

I think I gained some sexual confidence with you. It sounds stupid, but you made me feel sexy.

I’m so used to being cute and playing into this type I was convinced I needed to be. The endearing one. I don’t often identify with being sexy. So thanks for reminding me I am. Because I am.

And we had great sex that only strengthened it.

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