The Only Relationships We Obsess Over Are The Unfinished Ones

By Dan Scotti |  Elite Daily ©

Throughout your youth, you’re bound to watch many relationships come to a screeching halt.

Some you might’ve pumped the breaks on yourself; others, you might’ve watched yourself get hurt in.

Either way, the end of relationships will likely be a theme during your younger years — and that’s fine, really — it’s the best way to figure out what you want from another person.

You’ll take the aspects of those relationships you treasured and look for them in your next one, and as for those you didn’t like, you’ll now know what to avoid.

That said, there is always that one relationship you can’t shake and is almost impossible to take anything away from: The relationship that went “unfinished.”

I like to think of “unfinished” relationships as those that end because of circumstances that were not directly in your hands or weren’t really premeditated, at any rate.

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For When He Leaves You, But The Memories Don’t

By Chloe Jundez | Candy Magazine ©

There are a lot of times when I think that you can never ever be taken out of my life.

That our moment, our summer, so glistening and perfect, would last forever. Of course, that didn’t turn out to be true, otherwise I wouldn’t be writing this.

I was terribly afraid. Of losing you. Of not having those 24/7 conversations where I allowed myself only four hours of sleep so I could accommodate you, so I could work around our time difference.

I was terribly afraid of missing out on whatever time table we had figured out, sending a reply minutes too late or not having an internet connection at all. These things would send chills down my spine.

I was blinded by it all—the thrill and initial rush of inexplicable feelings that I didn’t know how to explain. I told myself not to label whatever was going on. After all, how could you label a relationship through a computer screen?

I said I had it under wraps, that despite all the kilig, I had a clear head. I knew, knew so very well deep inside me that this was nothing. Child’s play, done on a whim, just for fun.

So why? I ask myself now, and now, as I see it all fall apart, I see my answer.

It felt real.

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The Beauty And Pain Of Getting Through A Breakup

By Lindsay Wallace |  Elite Daily ©

It always hurts when long-term relationships end.

The more we see this person as being the right match for us and the more we picture our futures with them, the more we expected things to work out.

When we realize the future we once pictured suddenly doesn’t exist anymore, our sense of heartache and disappointment runs deep.

Reflecting on these painful breakups, we try to figure out why things didn’t work out, whether there were any red flags we overlooked or what we might have done differently.

We might determine the other party was afraid of commitment, was always angry over trivial things or think,

“If I had just opened up more, maybe he or she would have stuck around.”

Sometimes, we have trouble moving on from the relationships we’ve invested so much time and effort into. We replay the breakup in our minds over and over again.

We remember what he or she was wearing, the way he or she smelled, the words he or she spoke and the color of the curtains in the living room. The memories are so vivid, we begin fantasizing how it could have turned out differently.

The most brutal moments are when we see he or she defriended us on Facebook or changed his or her profile picture to one with a new significant other.

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How Long Will I Love You?

By Jae Vitug | World of Thoughts ©

I never thought love could be so beautiful, forgiving, and hopeful, until I read my own writing.

For those of you who just had their hearts broken, for those who think that it’s the end of the road, for those who needs a little guidance.

Then maybe if not me, maybe this, can help you believe again…

May 31, 2015

How long will I love you, how long will hold on to you, how long will I endure this pain, how long will I need you, how long will I want you, how long should I keep on believing, how long can I live without you?

As long as I can, as long as I still see hope in us, as long as I am bound to, as long as I love you…

I thought I could move on that easy. It’s been three months now since the breakup, but my feelings just keeps on getting stronger.

I used to hate you, until I forgave you, then I started to miss you, I knew by then that I am still loving you, that I never stopped, that I’ve always been loving you, only stronger than I ever did before.

After I met you, everything was about being with you. My life simply revolved around you, hence, I was left with nothing

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10 Things No One Wants To Hear After Enduring A Life-Altering Breakup

By Ashley Massis |  Elite Daily ©


I never thought of this time of the year as “breakup season.”

Then, when I ended a long-term relationship and six other couples ended theirs within a few week’s time, I started to think something must be in the water.

Whether long-term or short-term, breakups hurt.

You invested time and care into someone, and when that falls short and ends, it’s beyond disappointing.

You feel as if the rug was pulled out from underneath you. The longer or more serious the relationship, the more feels you’ll go through.

When someone is fresh out of a breakup, his or her wounds are exposed and trying to heal.

We look to our friends and family to help us get through it and be our crutches as we try to find our balance again.

We find strength in their wisdom, constant check ups and positive motivation.

However, sometimes the clichés we constantly hear from our loved ones become anything but helpful. Friends and family, we love you and thank you for your help.

We know later on we will appreciate the clichés and sayings you speak to us.

We know there are a million angry breakup songs to download on Spotify to help sympathize our feelings and let us know we will be okay eventually.

But, please try to refrain from these 10 clichés we don’t want to hear when we just had our hearts ripped out from our chests.

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