Why The Smallest Chance Of Love Is Worth The Giant Risk Of Heartbreak

By Paul Hudson |  Elite Daily ©


I’ve had my fare share of both amazing and horrific experiences with women. I don’t fall in love easily, and I’m not one to settle, so I’m sure you can imagine that my dating experiences have been very… colorful.

Sometimes things end well. Sometimes they don’t. The one thing that has yet to change is that things always end. This isn’t the goal. But “it is what it is.”

People are what make relationships complicated. I’m not a straightfoward person, and I like dating complex women. So finding myself in complex and emotionally intense situations isn’t uncommon.

I’m the kind of guy who doesn’t get his interest caught too often. But when my interest is piqued, I’m not likely to back down. I’m stubborn like that, only because I know what I Iike — and I like what I like. Nevertheless, spending years not being able to find anyone who clicks does get a bit frustrating.

The truth is that even though I wanted to date again, I wasn’t really ready to date again. I’d been going through a rough patch, and although I can’t say that I “wasn’t myself,” I wasn’t the best version of myself.

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You Have To Let Go…

By Anonymous |  Elite Daily ©


I have seen several articles about getting toxic people out of your life, saying goodbye and letting go. When you progress through your twenties, you start to realize who is down for you and who is going to bring you down.

The thing is, even with all of those articles, most people do not ever say what happens after you get rid of the toxic person.

Well, I found out.

Over the past several years, I started to recognize that so many girls have at least one guy in their lives who caused them emotional heartache. One guy with whom they were confused about where they stood.

This one guy who made them question their self worth and who, unknowingly and probably not purposefully, ruined all of their other relationships…

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What It’s Like To Feel Nothing

By Laura Meyers |  Elite Daily ©


Picture this: “Mr. Perfect” walks into your life; he’s literally tall, dark and handsome. He’s charismatic and hard-working, and he loves his family.

Above all else, he happens to adore you. Of course, you’re smitten. How could you not be?

But, it’s hard to ignore that tiny feeling you notice growing in a small corner of your heart. It’s the feeling that you don’t feel anything at all.

I’m sure you’re happy.

You care about his well-being, and you enjoy the time you spend together. You may even love him as a person or as a friend, but you most certainly are not in love with him.

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Why It’s So Hard To Be ‘Just Friends’ With The One You Love

By Sheena Sharma |  Elite Daily ©


Three years ago, I was walking down a cherry blossom-lined sidewalk at sunset. Spring had crept up on the city in a way that seemed to indicate that something important was about to happen.

But on that particular day, I was in a rush; I’d signed up for a beginners’ bartending class. I was going to become a bartender. Unemployment stung worse than a wasp’s sting: It made me feel subpar and subhuman, and getting a job was my only goal.

My walk turned into a run. I was determined not to be slowed down by lampposts that creeped onto sidewalks. And then, while waiting anxiously at cross the crosswalk, I saw him.

He stood at just over six feet tall, and he had blond hair and aquamarine-blue eyes. He’d apparently just stepped out of a menswear magazine. That was the moment I should’ve known he was too good to be true.

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Growing: From Party Girl To Working Woman

By Anonymous |  Elite Daily ©


You ruled the campus scene, and now it’s time to rule the world.

Graduating from college is a huge leap, and it launches you right into adulthood.

Whether you’ve got a job lined up or not, the reality is you need to clean up your act.

Most women worry about losing the fun and freedom their undergrad years granted them, but there are actually tons of reasons to look forward to putting your wild side to rest (at least on the weekdays).

Here’s why:

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