You Don’t Love This Person, You Love The Idea Of This Person

By Paul Hudson |  Elite Daily ©

Love is incredibly complex.

Not because it is formed of some otherworldly matter, but because it’s formed in our minds — and our minds are incredibly complex.

The thoughts we think, the way we perceive the world, the way things and other people can make us feel, the way we can make ourselves feel, it’s all intertwined in the reality that exists in our heads.

Our wants and needs will often blend in with our realities, changing the way we perceive something or someone to be.

Emotions that arise from one experience can influence the way we perceive other experiences, other interactions, other individuals.

We sometimes take the way we are currently feeling and project those emotions onto others or allow those feelings to affect decisions we make — decisions that don’t pertain, whatsoever, to the origins of those feelings.

A person’s reality is constantly in a state of flux.

When it comes to love in particular, it isn’t enough, nor is it necessary, to find someone worth loving — to find the right individual.

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10 Things No One Wants To Hear After Enduring A Life-Altering Breakup

By Ashley Massis |  Elite Daily ©


I never thought of this time of the year as “breakup season.”

Then, when I ended a long-term relationship and six other couples ended theirs within a few week’s time, I started to think something must be in the water.

Whether long-term or short-term, breakups hurt.

You invested time and care into someone, and when that falls short and ends, it’s beyond disappointing.

You feel as if the rug was pulled out from underneath you. The longer or more serious the relationship, the more feels you’ll go through.

When someone is fresh out of a breakup, his or her wounds are exposed and trying to heal.

We look to our friends and family to help us get through it and be our crutches as we try to find our balance again.

We find strength in their wisdom, constant check ups and positive motivation.

However, sometimes the clichés we constantly hear from our loved ones become anything but helpful. Friends and family, we love you and thank you for your help.

We know later on we will appreciate the clichés and sayings you speak to us.

We know there are a million angry breakup songs to download on Spotify to help sympathize our feelings and let us know we will be okay eventually.

But, please try to refrain from these 10 clichés we don’t want to hear when we just had our hearts ripped out from our chests.

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Don’t Go Chasing For A Man Who Does Not Care

By Ella LaguillesCandy Magazine ©

I do hope you realize that you deserve much better. You don’t have to compromise for a boy who sends one-word replies after you’ve just sent him a very lengthy message asking how he’s been.

You don’t have to stare at your phone blankly, waiting for it to ring when he is out with his friends again and has clearly forgotten his promise that he’d call. You don’t have to settle for the way he makes your heart race when he finally remembers you after a week of silence and gets it all broken again as he mindlessly ends the conversation with just three messages exchanged.

Because darling, if he truly cares, he won’t call only when he’s lonely and down. He won’t ask for you only when things are not going well. You aren’t on his speed dial just because there’s no one else left to talk to. If you truly matter, you won’t be his last resort.

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