33 Reasons Why I’m Not Crazy, You’re Just A D*ck

By Lauren Martin |  Elite Daily ©

Let’s talk about crazy women. Courtney Love is a crazy woman. Amanda Bynes is a crazy woman. Yoko Ono is a crazy woman. Sybil is a crazy woman. Lorena Bobbitt is a crazy woman.

So before you call that girl crazy, ask yourself a few questions. Is she grinding on an inflatable penis or knifing one off? Is she throwing your bong out the window or shaving off all her hair while holding a doll?

Texting too much. Texting too little. Wanting to see a movie. Not wanting to go to a strip club. Wanting to go to a strip club. Apparently, all these behaviors can make a perfectly sane woman “crazy.”

Apparently just breathing, just taking in oxygen and expelling it is enough to make you a ripe contestant for the looney bin.

Men call women crazy for two reasons. The first is to shut them up. The second is because it’s easier to do that than to admit they did something wrong.

Women bear the brunt of this emotional trauma men so casually commit, starting to believe that they, themselves, might actually be crazy.

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