How To Dress When It’s Hot AF Outside But Cold As Hell In Your Office

By Niki McGloster |  Elite Daily ©

Even men are less fickle than temperature changes in summer.

Packing on piles of clothing on a stifling, humid 90-degree day (at 8:45 am!) seems nuttier than a box of Kind bars.

But picture this: Your daily train ride consists of shaking off remnants of your REM and warding off perspiration pooling in unmentionable crevices. And then you arrive at your office, which now doubles as a deleted scene from “Frozen” for the next three months.

You don’t have to pass up a daringly short dress in favor of navy-colored slacks, though thermal tug-of-war is realer than J. Lo’s bum.

Instead, equip your summer apparel arsenal with light, stylish layers to combat both sky-high temps outside and igloo-like conditions indoors.

Dress it up and make warm-wear cool like a pro with these five how-to tips:

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