Party Girl To Professional: What It’s Like Having A Heel In Both Worlds

By Zara Barrie |  Elite Daily ©

I feel like people always talk about how they’re either blissfully dancing their lives away in the diamond-encrusted, champagne-fueled party girl lifestyle OR that they’re self-identifying EX-party girls whose current lives consist of nothing more than a comforting myriad of house plants, husbands and flat, sensible shoes (I might have thrown up a little in my mouth regarding the latter).

But what, dear WHAT about those of us girls who are amidst the awkward and painful transition out of the party girl lifestyle?

It’s like being stuck in acne-adorned adolescence all over again: “Not a girl, but not yet a woman.”

GAG me with a spoon gently, please.

I feel there is a surplus of Generation-Y girls who have been sorely misrepresented, widely ignored and entirely left out of the party girl conversation.

What about the girls who have one platform boot in the nightclub and one pointed kitten heel in the office?

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What It’s Like When Your Hometown No Longer Feels Like It’s Your Home

By Ashley Fern |  Elite Daily ©

It’s like you feel homesick for a place that doesn’t even exist. Maybe it’s like this rite of passage, you know?

I don’t know, but I miss the idea of it, you know. Maybe that’s all family really is. A group of people that miss the same imaginary place. – “Garden State”

There will come a time in adulthood when you make that cherished journey back to the place where you grew up.

A time when you book a plane ticket and embark on that familiar voyage back to the place where you lost your first tooth, where you had your first kiss and where you learned your first lessons about life.

You leave the life you’ve been creating for yourself, the life that seems so small compared to the one your parents made for you.

You take a deep breath and make that trip home.

You get to your hometown and drive down the same streets you still know like the back of your hand.

You see your family, you reminiscence and you go to sleep in your old bed.

Somewhere along the way, it will hit you.

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19 Reasons Why I Only Wear Black And You Need To STFU About It

By Ashley Fern |  Elite Daily ©

Ever since I was a child, I would see my grandma decked out in black from head to toe. It didn’t matter the occasion; this woman only ever wore this color.

I would endlessly make fun of her all throughout my childhood, and she would laugh back at me and tell me one day I’d “get it.”

I thought she was crazy; how boring is it to just wear one “color” for your entire life? But as soon as puberty hit and those bagels I ate every day caught up with me, I understood.

There really is nothing as slimming and flattering as black.

So now, the roles are reversed as my grandma taunts me with “I told you so,” and I buy a different variation of the same black top on a weekly basis. But you know what?!

You live, and you learn, and the karma is being thrust upon me as each one of my friends relentlessly mocks me for my attire.

But I don’t really give a sh*t what anyone has to say because I will continue to indulge my all-black wardrobe collection with pride.

So why is it I, along with a good portion of you guys, just can’t stop wearing all-black everything?

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14 Things All Single, Independent, Driven Women Secretly Want

By Allison Isaacson |  Elite Daily ©

Independent, career-driven young women are more than likely to be single.

Our goal-orientation drives us.

Not to say others don’t share in this, but we find fulfillment outside of exclusive, intimate relationships. This doesn’t mean we’re unloving, unemotional robots.

We have secret wants and desires that, on the surface, aren’t visible to passersby.

Some of these relate directly to our lack of a boyfriend, fiancé, husband or, hell, a boy toy. Others are offshoots of that fact.

We, independent, young women, often try not to wear our hearts on our sleeves, so I’m equipping the public with a brief glimpse into the minds of single, independent women with the following list of “secrets”:

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The Question Every Ambitious Girl Faces After Graduation: NYC or LA?

By Zara Barrie |  Elite Daily ©

‘Tis the lovely, highly anticipated season of college graduation.

Amidst the slew of raucous celebratory parties and the seemingly endless string of familial affairs is an ever-present, incessantly lingering, swiftly escalating feeling of generalized ANXIETY.

It sweetly whispers, “Oh, what to do, what to do, what to do NEXT!?”

Every freshly graduated girl is hungry, starving for a mere semblance of guidance, a wise entity to help answer the age-old question that ruthlessly torments the soul of every hyper-ambitious, mega-intelligent young woman who is fervently hoping to turn her mega dreams into a thriving reality: LA or New York?

While there is most definitely a handful of populous, dynamic, semi-exciting cities in the great expanse of this fine country — if you want to play with the big dogs, it’s NYC or LA.

Not everyone wants to compete with the international moguls and the groundbreaking bigwigs, which is fine — but don’t kid yourself, lovely; if you’re teeming with a relentless desire to kill it in the industries of fashion, finance, media, literature or entertainment, these are the only two cities that count.

Both are outrageously expensive, crushingly competitive, legitimately terrifying yet intoxicatingly rich with golden opportunity.

If you haven’t yet ventured to the palm tree-adorned, glittering wonderland of Hollywood or to the beautifully diverse concrete jungle of New York City — how could you possibly know which city is best suited for the likes of you?

Have no fear, my high-reaching sister, for it wasn’t long ago that I walked several miles in the same uncomfortable shoes.

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