Men’s Wants and Likes: Thoughts About Sex and Relationships

By Jae Vitug | World of Thoughts ©

I tried my best to get the best answers for you girls, it’s either these men are afraid to answer my questions, or giving me bullsh*t to laugh about, but hey, hands down to the ones who gave me amazing statements.

I was literally laughing my ass out of some messages I’ve got, you don’t even wanna know, I’m dying, my boy friends are the best. I’m a man at heart too, no, not really, don’t think so.

But trust me, I’ve been surrounded by plenty of them, hold your horses, don’t judge too quickly, I like boy friends and gay friends more, they’re way less drama than girls. Plus, let’s be honest they’re more fun to hang out with, that’s if you want a crazy filled life.

I think I have been posting the downside of men lately, but come on, men could be the most amazing gift for women, so cheers to them!

And, no, I don’t have any problems with them, as I said I have lots of them in my life, I just want you girls to be careful, and those post are something I would want you to know.

Learning lessons are the best, sharing them would be the better.

Anyway, going back, curious about what I asked them? Well, it’s what they’d want on women they’d wanna sleep with, and what they’d like on women they’d wanna be with.

This would be a good and entertaining read I tell you, I’ve never had so much fun writing an article.

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Don’t Go Chasing For A Man Who Does Not Care

By Ella LaguillesCandy Magazine ©

I do hope you realize that you deserve much better. You don’t have to compromise for a boy who sends one-word replies after you’ve just sent him a very lengthy message asking how he’s been.

You don’t have to stare at your phone blankly, waiting for it to ring when he is out with his friends again and has clearly forgotten his promise that he’d call. You don’t have to settle for the way he makes your heart race when he finally remembers you after a week of silence and gets it all broken again as he mindlessly ends the conversation with just three messages exchanged.

Because darling, if he truly cares, he won’t call only when he’s lonely and down. He won’t ask for you only when things are not going well. You aren’t on his speed dial just because there’s no one else left to talk to. If you truly matter, you won’t be his last resort.

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Rules Of A “Friends With Benefits” Relationship

By Jae Vitug | World of Thoughts ©


Rule #1: Friendship

Make sure the bond of friendship between you two is strong enough. Friends with benefits only works with people who understands and truly knows each other, that way the sex would be more fun, as well as your chill hang outs together.

And we also don’t wanna make this a one night stand don’t we? So it is better to know the person.

Rule #2: Know where you stand

Don’t come crying to your BFF when you’ve accidentally fallen in love with her/him. To prevent any kind of that “accident” happening, know where you stand, as harsh as it may sound, you’ve proposed to being fuckbuddies with no strings attached.

There’s nothing other than being friends. Remember you’ve both agreed to this because neither of you wants a commitment.

Rule #3 Be ready

Someone’s going to get hurt, someone’s going to fall in love, wether it’s you or your friend be ready for the consequences.

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