I Love You

By Jae Vitug World of Thoughts ©

I did it.

A few days ago, I finally said the words I’ve been clinging to so dearly.

It felt so good saying it out loud for the first time, and it still feels so good saying it over and over again.

You know why?

Because it comes from my heart. Because you deserve to know. Because whenever I say it it feels like there’s a different world where only you and I exist. And you may not know how much I mean it, but I’m telling you, I have never felt anything like this before.

Months ago when I met you, I would’ve never thought we would come this far.

Not one clue. But we made it.

You keep me safe

On a Friday night, or a Sunday morning. When the sun rays passes through the windows and reflects through your green irises that I will forever adore.

You keep me safe

When the outside world is too much to bare.

From a rough day  filled with unbearable opinions, spilled coffee, and a missed opportunity.

From gossips and materialism. From fake friends and the overwhelming sins we face everyday; the things I just can’t wrap my mind around alone, allowing yourself to be my punching bag.

You keep me safe

From myself.

My past. My greediness. My insecurities. My doubts. My fears.

Safe, from ever thinking that I am not enough.

You keep me safe

With your character: with the non stop laughs, making me forget that the world is cruel.

In your arms: with the way you save me from the world and my own clumsiness.

In your forehead kisses: with the warmth of your love as you hold me tight.

In your nightly snuggles: with my head on your chest as I hear your heart beat slowly syncing with mine.

You keep me safe, and I’ll keep you wild 

With Saturday afternoon adventures, discovering restaurants and quaint coffee shops.

Skating on that ice rink even with the worst hangover.

Stopping in the middle of nowhere, just to take random polaroid photos to keep inside our wallets.

Spending the day at a bookstore, grabbing the same book in hopes to read it together.

Holding your hand as John Legend performs All of Me in front of us.

Watching a musical play for the first time, Simba being held up in the mountains on the day of his birth celebration. Staring at you, a face of happiness, familiar with that stage, probably remembering when you used to perform.

Simple nights watching movies, wether being at the cinemas, or just staying in bed, seeing whatever is playing, finishing the best or the worst films, drinking wine and eating mountains of chips until we both fall asleep.

Hand in hand, miles of open highway, boat or a plane ride, planning to complete bucket lists, go on more adventures, and visit foreign countries.

I’ll keep you wild

Lighting up a spliff, having the deepest conversations, making love, not caring about any single thing in the world. Just you and I, caught in the moment.

I’ll keep you wild

By playing devil’s advocate. By pushing you to conquer your fears, to remember the little things, to laugh along the way.

To take that extra shot, to order the large fry. To literally do anything and everything your heart desires, big or small.

To acknowledge the things in your heart. To give back. To say “yes” too much and “no” too little. To take every opportunity handed to you because there is no limit, your world is filled with endless possibilities.

I’ll keep you wild.

Under my warm embrace. Because that’s how you deserve to live: forever young, forever happy, and forever filled with a crazy, wild, and genuine love.

I have loved you, and I’ll always remember. I hope you’ll remember me too, the me before all these chaos…

I will miss you.

Until we meet again.


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