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Diamonds are often conceived as the strongest, the most beautiful, and the best find.

But drop a diamond on a sea of gold, wouldn’t it be the easiest to find rather than looking for the rarest piece of gold?

Drop a gold on a sea of diamonds, wouldn’t you still have chosen a diamond?

Isn’t the Holy Grail worth more than any diamond there is?

This resembles people’s misconception on choosing the best partner. They would consistently want whom humanity defines as perfect, and perfect, being, the diamonds.

Spare me.

Though it sounds vague, but I’d choose that one extraordinary gold.

I’d choose you.

Rare of a kind… Golden as the sun… Golden as the flames…

You know, I’ve had my fair share of both amazing and horrifying dating experiences too. Looking back to it, well, let’s just say, it has been colorful.

But ended last year, I’ve learnt to love myself first. I’ve realized how you shouldn’t go for someone who would just temporarily fill a void in your heart. It shouldn’t be about conveniency. It should about who completes you.

Today, with my sanity being stretched on all ends: Family issues, university issues, friend issues, etc… I’m surprised to have had caught feelings, and in the most inconvenient, unexpected way.

And in unison with the words you’ve spoken, I won’t rule out our possibilities, I won’t doubt you and us, ever again. I’m not backing down now. If anything, I shouldn’t fear this, because I don’t want to look back one day and regret not holding on.

I admit that there are moments when you make me feel so f*cking horrible, but trust me, it’s been well compensated by you making me feel amazing.

You stun me with a different side of you, every step of the way, constantly giving me something to look forward to.

I know it might be too early, we might’ve just been starting, I might be moving too fast. But there is this unseen energy, that vibe, that only us, would understand. And more so, you make me feel alive, you help me breathe, you’ve found a whole new person in me, that I’ve only been discovering now too myself.

I wish for me to be the same to you…

Hence, that is what I always ought to remind you of self-confidence. You need to start acknowledging your capabilities, because you are capable. I want you to realize how exceptional you are in the eyes of the people who believes in you.

And while you’re at it, do something new, be optimistic, and always, always be positive.

I don’t want to change you love, in fact, I want to help free you from your own demons, I want to help you reveal the greatest version of yourself, and to grow with you…

I want you to feel that there’s a home, and at the same time, freedom, when you come to me…

Within the past few weeks that I have known you, you’ve easily become the highlight of my days. The first thought when I wake up in the morning and the the last before I close my eyes to sleep.

You’ve become that priority I don’t dare put myself a limit to.

You uttered you were in pieces, and these pieces I’ve fully welcomed, because darling no one is perfect. We’re all damaged or broken in some way or another. And believe me, despite what you may think, there’s nothing wrong with being messed up. The flaws and baggages that you’ve brought are what makes you beautiful.

Through those bits of scars you’ve shown me, I never felt it in me to judge you. I want you to see, that you’re in the hands of someone whom, even on the roughest nights, will show you the face of understanding, instead of the face of disappointment.

Also, I, sensible to the fact of how you can still function within this society, despite having seen what life is about and how ugly things can get, earns you my respect.

Although, nothing should ever be felt owed to me. In me you’ll find a patient heart, because I’ve been there too.

Understand that the sole purpose of healing you, one wound at a time, spawns satisfaction through my soul.

I know we have our differences, but I absolutely believe, that that’s what would complete you and me.

Faith has given us halves, halves representing what we each don’t have, to put together a single jigsaw puzzle.

Sooner or later we’ll find ourselves one

I see a future in us, and it looks promising…

I am writing this, because to me, you deserved to be written about.

To me, you are worth it.

To me, you are golden.

And all those people who have chosen a diamond, would later on learn, that even the strongest, can be destroyed, even more so, by their own nature.

So stay you, stay unique, stay beautiful…

You Have To Let Go… No Strings Attached

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