The Power of Now

By DJ Italo Laurenthie World of Thoughts ©


“You gotta promise not to break, no matter how far you are bent.”

I think back to my first real relationship, and while I don’t regret falling head over heels, it’s hard not to scratch my head at how blind I became over the course of it.

For now, she might still the one, but will she always be ? I suppose she’s the only one who can get closer to knowing it…

I wouldn’t say I’m in any stage, if there are in fact, stages of love. I’m not trying to move on, nor trying to get her back, not anymore Although, after all I’ve been through the past two years, I just don’t understand how she still has my heart.

I’m not worried though, I’m just surprised. I’m happy taking the most of my now, and all that’s not part of now, I don’t prioritize anymore.

If she can read this. I’d just say keep on going, always follow your heart… For as long as you’re doing that, you will always be right. And that’s all I wish for her and each and every being on Earth.

Have I dated anyone since then?

Yes, indeed.

Today, I don’t know exactly what happened… Whoever got in my life after her, I had a chance to have something real with. As much as I will be attached is as much as she’ll be sincere and our energies will match. Might sound vague but it’s way more simple than it sounds.

People waste opportunities, and so did I. There’s no one to blame and nothing wrong with the situation.

Perhaps it’s about timing, or perhaps… In my head, it’s just that I felt something so magical that anything less than that, isn’t considerable anymore.

My thoughts about relationships

Relationships, well that’s just a word for me, but the wish of settling, “we” naturally build together.

Being in relationship is remarkable if you and the person are vibrating on the same frequency. There’s your perfect relationship, with no fights, different opinions maybe but never really a huge fight.

You’ll know me when I’m in one. I’ll be able to smile whenever I look at her because I would see things… possibilities. I’m sensitive to energy, and I’d know from the moment we meet.

What went wrong

Mainly, we did not work out simply for thinking different. The problem wasn’t them, nor me, I guess we were just not meant to be. I’ve learned with them and I assume they did with me too.

There’s no perfect timing, if both can’t feel it, there’s supposed to be a connection.

What I mean is, in life, things happen, but if you do pursue, no matter what, if you really want it, it will happen!

There are things I can point out though. I’m completely into evolution, change, and “always being better than yesterday”.

I like learning, developing not only skills, but knowledge, especially about myself.

Consequently, if there aren’t as much as that in our relationship, we’d end up lacking, causing us to end.

Suggesting no faults, but just somehow not being at the same page.

In this generation we have, what could possibly be the reason of dying relationships?

Unfortunately most of the people are insecure nowadays and they don’t even know it.

Notably about love, everyone is protecting themselves from jumping into someone else and giving their trusts completely, though they may not agree, but that’s already being insecure.

When you’re secure of yourself, a glimpse is enough, you go deep, take risks and always seize.

But once you get hurt though, you realize how vulnerable you had once made yourself.

And if you’re going through a break-up or a heartbreak at this point. I know it hurts to ask them to stay, when all they want to do is leave, but try to see things for the better.

It’s painful but it’s necessary.

There’s no “too much”. There’s only what it is.

You don’t move on from break-up, you get closer to yourself. Learn to love yourself more and eventually you’ll be with someone else, or back with the last one, perhaps, the first one.

We never know what life will put in our paths, just be thankful for all you have and will still have.

Is hurting someone a choice?

I don’t believe you can ever hurt someone, you can only hurt yourself. We are 100% responsible for each and every single thing that is happening to and around us. Whatever happened, wherever you are right now, in a certain point you chose it in a very specific way.

I don’t know… I guess each everyone has their own reasons to do what they do. I can’t really speak for them cause I actually have no idea what’s in their minds, your minds.  Although, probably, a good reason is “reality”, it’s all around after all.


If you’re struggling of needing someone but wanting everyone, don’t. Because you don’t look for love, you don’t expect for love. Focus on yourself, be the best that you can, look for your purpose, and respect as much as it is about your own true self.

After that, all will come.

Lifewise, I can say that I became free when I left everything behind and started focusing on what I want.

Music and learning more about myself, about who I truly am.

I began feeling free, recently, when I understood that I already have all I need, exclusively within myself.

Facts, situations, people, love… Nothing has and nothing will change. It’s just that now, you’ve learned how to deal with reality.

When you have all you need within yourself, life becomes easier.

Living in my shoes right now

I take it that I’m on the right path, not harming anyone, only fighting for what I believe and helping the ones who’s in need as much as I can, the rest just goes with current.

I don’t regard much on the ideas of moving on, letting go, or keeping things. I trust this amazing grid we live in which we call the Universe.

Though, “we will never be ready”, that’s how I envision things.

We will always be acquiring.

Someone once asked me if I was selfish. I think it’s quite relative, cause points of view are completely different, but I certainly can assume I already have been, we are all humans and we make mistakes.

And for the ones I possibly might have forgotten to apologize to for some reason…

Here I am…

I’m sorry if I ever did something you interpreted in a negative way

I never meant to…

I’m a nice guy. But I admit I’m quite immature, I know less compared to the amount of knowledge that are out there. But I can assure… I’ll learn as much at it, as possible…

From a recent experience

I’ve learnt that one of the most important lessons to understand is, oneness.

We are one, even whenever you talk to someone else, consider that you’re actually talking to yourself.

And if ever you get to understand this simple concept and pay more attention to what you’re going through, you’ll be way closer to knowing who you really are.

Am I not vulnerable?

Being in this society, I do fear as well.

I fear God.

I fear things, for example, my dreams, my goals. They are just so big that sometimes I’m scared that I won’t get into it cause it just transcends Earth’s limits.

I have no idea how to get there, but I will, and I’m on the way.

I actually tell my self everyday, “Congrats man, look at all you’ve achieved, now keep on going, cause that’s only the first chapter!”

Being brave does not mean you do not fear things, it simply means that no matter what, fear won’t stop you from doing what you want and no matter how, nothing’s gonna shoot you down.

You can do, be, or have whatever you want, just truly believe in it and of course, work on it, daily.


The perfect timing is now, and tomorrow, will always just be tomorrow

About The Writer

 27 | Brazilian Apple's Flag for Brazil | DJ | Model | Producer | Life Coach

Through his passion and love for music, Italo has focused on giving soul to the universe, wings to the minds, flight to the imagination and life for each single thing.

With only two goals – to connect different worlds and different people through music and to be able to leave something in this world that transcends time and space, the project Laurenthie was born.

He prefers not to classify his work as his music cannot be contained into just one genre only. The closest definition would be a kind of contemporary Electro Tech characterized by a deep sexy bass which still brings old school influences, giving his songs a unique sound and a strong soul.

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