Men’s Wants and Likes: Thoughts About Sex and Relationships

By Jae Vitug | World of Thoughts ©

I tried my best to get the best answers for you girls, it’s either these men are afraid to answer my questions, or giving me bullsh*t to laugh about, but hey, hands down to the ones who gave me amazing statements.

I was literally laughing my ass out of some messages I’ve got, you don’t even wanna know, I’m dying, my boy friends are the best. I’m a man at heart too, no, not really, don’t think so.

But trust me, I’ve been surrounded by plenty of them, hold your horses, don’t judge too quickly, I like boy friends and gay friends more, they’re way less drama than girls. Plus, let’s be honest they’re more fun to hang out with, that’s if you want a crazy filled life.

I think I have been posting the downside of men lately, but come on, men could be the most amazing gift for women, so cheers to them!

And, no, I don’t have any problems with them, as I said I have lots of them in my life, I just want you girls to be careful, and those post are something I would want you to know.

Learning lessons are the best, sharing them would be the better.

Anyway, going back, curious about what I asked them? Well, it’s what they’d want on women they’d wanna sleep with, and what they’d like on women they’d wanna be with.

This would be a good and entertaining read I tell you, I’ve never had so much fun writing an article.

Mainstream questions? Yes, but tough ones, no one can really answer those without thinking, someone said that, “It feels like a trap, it’s just not a fair question to answer, there is no answer that pleases everyone”. That statement’s rather true, as everyone expects to hear what they’d wanna hear.

It can also only be the physical attraction, “F*ck idk, I like skinny girls, with dark hair, tanned, funny, nice clothes, dirty in bed”. I say hooray! I think that girl might describe me, no malice, we’re just friends, but I’m glad I can still pass for these kind of guys, he’s hot come on! But that last part though, “dirty in bed”, I guess he meant a girl who can play both the roles of a dominant and a submissive.

Or who knows? “Idk I really don’t know, I like weird girls”. Weird? Hmm, weird as in how? It may be, weird as in cute in a unique way, or weird as in having the strangest ideas of god knows what.

“Heels, nice ass, that’s it.” Short, but brief on point answer from this guy.

From one of the funniest men I love, “Baby bitch girl! Woman I wanna be with, we should click and support each other. Woman I wanna sleep with, not allowed to snore. Love you!” Yes, he just called me a bitch, that’s how much he loves me, plus, I don’t mind, I’m a bitch, and proud. His preferences are quite simple ain’t it?

Let’s get to the more serious ones, this is for you girls, he’s one of the nicest and truest person I’ve ever met. He speaks his heart all the time. So, for the woman he would wanna be with, “Hmmmmm, I like how humble she is, the way she treats people… I observe even the way she treats the waiters, so I can find out how she will treat my kids”.

For the opposite question? Here’s his take on it, “The woman I’d like to sleep with, for sure a nice body, nice boobs to make it. Who doesn’t like a sexy body? But in another way, a body for whole has to come in the package, with a nice brain, as so the part which I mentioned humble and these things”.

How about the thoughts of a man madly in love with his girlfriend? Of course, I’ve asked him what most he loves about her. “Good question – I think it’s a combination of many things – she’s really genuine, she is ambitious and has the right priorities, she’s super easy going – never have to deal with bad temper, jealousy, or typical relationship crap and I think she is both beautiful and sexy”. This is a super woman, hard to find, and I can attest to this as she is also a good friend of mine. The happiness radiating on this couple is inspiring.

Someone who has a fiance would say, “I love ‘the thing’ which happens when we look at each other’s eyes, (and also her boobs)”. ‘The thing’ even him can’t describe it, there’s always gonna be that weird amazing feeling you get when you look at the eyes of someone you love. Also, cheers to him, the second guy who’s mentioned ‘boobs’ so far, well, I guess that’s what they want, especially if they’d wanna show off their girl, or just simply enjoy a hot, steamy time in bed right?

From a man whom I can say is a workaholic, still parties a lot though. “2 very different questions. My criterion would be very different for women I want to be with (relatively for a long time) than the one I just want to sleep with.” Yes it would be different, there are women you’d just wanna have fun with, and to some whom you’d really care for and be with. “Hmm to sleep with, I would just focus on the appearance. To be with someone, well, all my ex’s have been very smart, practical, dominating with a strong character. I try to find a best friend in the girl I would want to be with haha”.

Here’s to someone who’s not fond of relationships, well in fact he’s never had one, “The look of her face and body and the personality”. What do you think? Of course, it’s just gonna be the physical appearance, you wouldn’t sleep with someone you’re not attracted to right? He’s as blunt as this guy who said, “A human’s basic need is sex. So if what you mean by ‘sleep with’ is sex, then that’s the answer, sex”.

From that, I’m gonna jump to someone whose currently had his break up, but still have those feelings intact. The respect I have for this man is beyond compare, one of those few kind and courageous left. As a friend, I wish the best for him.

I also thought of sharing this, because men are not hopeless, they still have feelings even if they say they don’t, they can also love as much as we women do.

“I don’t call it as a break up cause we both love each other so bad… Let’s just say, we stepped back to go forward? I don’t know… I’m just too emotional right now to talk about it… So I’ll probably make no sense. 

My situation is different, everything was different, I mean, I have been going through a lot, all at the same time. 

The thing is, I know how to get over women. I’ve had quite a few girlfriends already… When it’s done, I know how to just move on right in the day I tell myself, it’s over.

With her it’s different…

We were together for 10 months. I’ve never really compared her, our problem was lack of culture mostly. I always moved on from my exes, she’s the first I chose to not to…

To allow the universe to work, believe in God and see what’s meant to be.”

This is a real man, not afraid to know what he will lose or have lost. Men usually just shrug it off so fast and replace pain with a new temporary happiness.

The honesty and sincerity of him made my heart melt, I’m still in awe. I wish I could also find someone like him, someone who would cherish me, and ‘us’ together.

Now, we go to the guy who thought of marriage right away when I messaged him, “Strong personality, if I wanna get married… In bed, I’d like a nice tight rounded ass”. Fancy last comment huh? Here you’ll definitely see how different men think about someone they need and and someone they like. Girls, which should you be? It all depends on you.

For a husband, I asked him of what he loves about his wife, “Everything from head to toe!!! Super understanding, loving, caring, hot mama!”.

Here are some rules and opinions from my-kind-of-crazy friend on dating women, “1. Don’t lie to me! 2. Is a funny girl! 3. Is a positive person! 4. I like tiny girls (no big boobs) call me crazy, I know. 5. Sexy smile! 6. And I need her to love adventure”. He pointed out that it goes in no particular order. Okay, so that’s a first with the “no big boobs” thing. See, some men still likes the average body.

French guys are known to be the most romantic right? So here’s what he had to say, “The passion, deep relax feeling, blended with excitement”.

This one coming from my best guy friend, German. Yes, I had to point that out, I’m not racist, I just find it funny, anyone who knows me would laugh at this inside joke. “For someone to be with? Trustworthy, comforting, chill”. I guess for him, these should be the best characteristics as he’s currently in a 7 month long distance relationship. Trustworthy: As we know how cheating is considered normal nowadays. Comforting: They can’t see or touch each other, it’s the hardest part of the relationship, what if he’d be needing his partner’s comfort? Solution? Words, words are powerful. Chill: Girls, don’t overthink, this kills most relationships. “For women I wanna have sex with? Good body, naughty, open minded”. Sounds fun!

One of the best answers was from this man, stating how women should be loved no matter what or who she is, “I would say I like the same qualities for those two kinds of situation, coz even a woman with price I would treat like a special individual. She could be hot, skinny, fat, black, tall person or whatever, as long there is the unknown and crazy chemistry which is the most important matter!” Falling in love, it doesn’t matter of whom, as long as she brings out the best in you.

From someone so into the business world, he would say, “Ok well that’s 2 questions, but it’s also the same thing. If I don’t want to “be” with the woman in a social setting, I’m probably not taking her into my bed. OK… So what I am looking for is someone that inspires me, challenges me mentally, takes care of herself physically and in terms of what she eats. But none of that matters if we don’t click sexually and emotionally. Looking good in a thong and without make-up isn’t a deal breaker but it scores double points.” It’s just not about the body, but it does make for a good first impression, I guess the personality comes second on this generation we have today.

I know this is only supposed to be as what the title says it is, but, I’d also wanna share what a women attracted to women would say, “I want a wholesome women, someone respectful”. And for another, it’s all about the way a woman has chosen to up-bring herself, “I like a woman who’s in control of her life, and also a woman who’s in control of herself. Good hygiene, manners, well spoken, and likes to be made a baby ones in a while.”

A man attracted to men says, “I have a lot of girl friends obviously, I’m gay. But for a real one? I would say, someone I can be comfortable with anything. Being with that person though, it’s not really about your preferences, she would just come along the way. Plus, sleeping with a woman? Nevermind hahaha!”

How about from your favorite celebrities? Zac Efron (High School Musical, Neighbors, The Lucky One) says, “I don’t know the exact measurements, but I like curvy girls, girls with hips. I’m also huge on legs, I love girls with nice, long, sexy legs. I don’t always find myself dating super-skinny girls. It’s not all about what you look like, it’s so much more. I know it sounds really cheesy, but it’s more about what’s on the inside when you’re dating a girl”.

“It’s not a turnoff, but it’s upsetting to me when a woman has lost her confidence. I genuinely think that all women are beautiful in a different way. We live in such a critical world, and for women the bar has been set high, but they should really just grab that bar and snap it. It doesn’t mean anything.” Very well said Alex Petyfer (I Am Number Four, Beastly, In Time). A confident woman usually have the strongest personality, never letting anyone destroy the real them, finding a solution to every problem, and not letting anyone hold them back from what they want to pursue.

“Personally, I like the ass.” It’s all about the booty for Josh Duhamel, (Safe Haven, Life As We Know It, When In Rome) his wife Fergie would be a perfect example. I know many man who would never choose a girl’s ass over boobies, so I try at least to do my daily squats. How about you?

From celebrities, to models, to football players, to young professionals, to the single individuals, to men in relationships, to the married ones, to the people attracted to the same sex, and to my good friends. Every men are different, there are no right or wrong answers to these questions, they have their own opinions and outlooks. It’s all about their priorities, their personalities and their preferences.

That’s a wrap folks! I hope you enjoyed as much as I did. Men are all different, let’s not be sexist and respect them for who they are, they will also respect us women, if we ourselves do.

I am thankful for everyone who contributed, all your opinions counted, this has been to see men’s perspective clearly, for us to understand you guys better.

I thought this would just be another post, but for me it turned out to be one of the best I’ve written so far.

Source: Celebrity Interviews – Mirella Bint – Beauty Fashion Lifestyle © | All rights reserved ©

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