Rules Of A “Friends With Benefits” Relationship

By Jae Vitug | World of Thoughts ©


Rule #1: Friendship

Make sure the bond of friendship between you two is strong enough. Friends with benefits only works with people who understands and truly knows each other, that way the sex would be more fun, as well as your chill hang outs together.

And we also don’t wanna make this a one night stand don’t we? So it is better to know the person.

Rule #2: Know where you stand

Don’t come crying to your BFF when you’ve accidentally fallen in love with her/him. To prevent any kind of that “accident” happening, know where you stand, as harsh as it may sound, you’ve proposed to being fuckbuddies with no strings attached.

There’s nothing other than being friends. Remember you’ve both agreed to this because neither of you wants a commitment.

Rule #3 Be ready

Someone’s going to get hurt, someone’s going to fall in love, wether it’s you or your friend be ready for the consequences.

Rule #4 Jealousy

Contain your jealousy, or at least try to keep it to yourself, you wouldn’t wanna be too clingy, that will drive him/her away. And back to rule #2 you are his/her friend not their girlfriend/boyfriend.

Rule #5 Honesty

I’m sure we’ve all heard that saying “Honesty’s the Best Policy”, well in a friends with benefits, it is.

Make sure to always tell your partner, in a nice way that you have done it with somebody else while you’re doing it with him/her, cause we won’t know wether that “somebody’s” clean of any diseases or what.

You wouldn’t want your friend catching what you, he/she may have. Also for trust issues purposes.

Rule #6 Stop Yourself

Hellooo you’ve already agreed to this stupid relationship, why would you be an idiot to think that maybe there could be something more than just sex? Just no stop yourself from the pavement, you’re never gonna get what you want, it won’t work your way.

Rule #7 Be contented

Be contented, that way you wouldn’t be aiming for something more. Act like how you did when you first started it, don’t change your ways.

Rule #8 Have fun

Well it isn’t all about the negative sides. Have fun! Do what you’re best at, there’s nothing better than a great sex. Make the best out of it while you still can!

Chill days together, just laughing and talking about random stuff’s a great stress reliever with someone you’re comfortable with.

Rule #9 Do not fall in love

We wouldn’t be able to stop who we fall in love with but we would be able to at least see it coming, always be cautious. When your feelings starts to develop and you’ve separated yourself from the world and started putting your focus into him/her, well all you can do is leave it.

Leave whatever relationship you two are having, or you think you’re having. Remove all means of contact with him/her until you know you’ve moved on and can come back as nothing more than friends again.

He/she will forgive you from disappearing don’t worry. Or you could always just tell him/her how you’re feeling so you can both talk about it and see what would happen.

Rule #10 Make things clear

At the midst of it all, you should never forget to ask your partner if he/she’s still on the game or wants to step it up to a brand new level. It’s worth the risk asking trust me.

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