6 Ways To Know He’s Really Into You

By Jae Vitug | World of Thoughts ©

1. Trust

You would notice how he answers your questions/texts/messages straightforward without even pausing or thinking it over. It’s always nice to feel trusted. He’ll introduce you to his circle of friends, he’ll tell you things he’s never told anyone before. He’ll open up with you about his family and set up a date for you to meet them.

2. He Cares

You went on a date, that text message asking if you’re home safely is a starter after a nice date, the next conversation about how good it was is big plus on your a game. That morning when you’ve both woken up, that look into each other’s eyes and he’s smiling at you. He’ll talk to you about the clothes you wear, if it’s too short and skimpy, he won’t allow you out cause he won’t want other men looking at his girl with those sticky eyes.

3. Texts

The whole world knows how men dislikes texting, but when he does text you like your girlfriend, sending long and thoughtful texts, silly ones, and emojis, you’ve already gotten his attention and has grown very fond of you. When you two are together, he’d keep his phone shut in his pocket and stop texting anyone, unless he’ll show you some photos or online links he’s interested about you looking at.

4. Kiss

You would know, you would feel it, you would love it. It’s always that amazing feeling kissing someone you like, who likes you back when he’s caresses your cheeks and that lip lock making you deeply into it.

5. His Place

He would take you on his favourite place, wether it’s the cinema, diner, restaurant, fast-food, cake shop or the skating rink, he would take you to it. Sometimes it’s a reminder to him where his dad or mom always takes him, that means a lot to him, could also be a place where his passion is. But there’s also nothing that would beat a nice chill day at his place, or his room at his family’s house where he would show you his baby pictures and talk about his childhood life.

6. “I Like You”

Maybe he wouldn’t tell you cause he doesn’t know for himself that he does, but he would surely show you, buying you even the simplest things you like, that Nutella spread or that cherry coke, your favourite yellow roses, whatever it is, it would make you smile cause he remembered it when you said you liked that. He would watch those cute silly chick-flicks with you. But if he does man-up and decided to tell you, he would set up a special date, as cheesy as it may sound, but he would want it to be perfectly romantic like those you’ve watched in movies.

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